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ritardando. Význam: postupně volněji, zpomaleně . Komentáře ke slovu ritardando » přidat nový komentář.

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Jan 12, 2017 · Poco means little, Poco Piu, little by little. Ritenuto is the opposite of Sostenuto, Sostenuto means Sustained and Rituneto means the opposite, detached. The word Ritardando probably has the same ancient origins as the English word Retard and as terrible as it may sound Ritardando is also just a little bit slow ie Gradually getting slower..

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Zkratka pro ritardando; také zkratka pro ritenuto ritardando, ritard., rit. Zpomalovat; zpomalení; opak akceleranda ritenuto, riten., rit. Najednou pomaleji, zadržovaný (obvykle spíše, ale dočasněji než ritardando, a může se to, na rozdíl od ritardanda, vztahovat na jedinou notu); opak akcelerátoru ritmico Rytmické ritmo Rytmus.

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Show Definitions. Ritardando adjective – Gradually decreasing in tempo. Diminuendo and ritardando are semantically related. You can use "Diminuendo" instead an adjective "Ritardando". Synonyms for Ritardando. This term is used as a musical direction that a passage of a piece or the entire piece should be performed moderately at a walking pace. This tempo marking is between largo and moderato and around 76–108 BPM. Largo: Slow and broad. This is the musical term used as a direction for a very slow and solemn tempo in music..

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Couldn't find the right meaning of ritardando? Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations: RITA, RITA XX, RITAA, RITABI, RITARD, RITB, RITC, RITCL, RITD, RITD-HBT. ... or use our Power Search technology to look. for more unique definitions from across the web!.

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